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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan That Matches Your Style

The first priority of the people living in Singapore is to keep their hoes well ventilated due to its sunny and humid environment. Though many people use air conditioners for this purpose but the most affordable and green method of cooling your home can be a ceiling fan. But choosing stylish fans for your home, whether a new construction or replacing the existing units, can be difficult for you due to their availability in vast varieties. In fact people chose these fans as the part of the decor of their home so they specially focus on their style and looks.

Some online stores display different types of ceiling fans on their front page to help you in choosing suitable fans for your home. they may include fans with lights or no lights, different number of blades, finishes, control systems and hanging styles from which you can choose as per your suitability. There cannot be a universal method to choose stylish fans for any home as they are available in various colours, sizes, designs and styles from which you can choose as per the decor of your each room.

If you are searching for the ceiling fans to give a stand out look to your room then a stylish fan can really be the best choice for you but along with their pleasurable looks you should also focus on the services provided by them. some guidelines are provided hereunder which can help you in choosing a ceiling fan in Singapore to match with your style.

Steps to choose stylish ceiling fans

Whether you are buying ceiling fans in Singapore for the first time or replacing your existing fans to give new look to the interior of your home the steps provided here under will be extremely helpful to you in buying the best and stylish fans for your home or commercial establishment.

Budget: The first thing to focus on while buying stylish ceiling fans in Singapore is your budget in this regard. You can find stylish fans in various price ranges from $50 to $1000 and above depending upon their features, quality and performance. You can prefer to choose these fans within your budget from online stores as they usually offer various discounts and promotional offers to their customers to improve their traffic.

Location: The second thing to be considered is the location where you want to install the ceiling fan as it can your living room or porch. It will help you in considering the fans according to their performance as each location is exposed to different weather conditions. If the fan you selected is specified for certain locations then it will be easier for you to take final decision. You can see if any rating is mentioned on it as some fans are rated UL Dry, UL Damp or UL wet assigned by Underwriters Laboratories. Usually fans with wooden blades are rated with UL Dry rating as they are specially designed for moisture and humidity free dry interior locations. Fans with UL Damp rating are considered the best for moist and humid locations without any direct contact with water. UL Wet rating helps in selecting a fan to perform in any weather condition including snow, rain, ocean water or spray. The motor and blades of these fans are made of moisture resistant materials to perform all weather conditions.

Size: It is another important factor to be considered while choosing stylish fan for your room. The size of fan should be chosen according to the size of the room you are going to install it in. The ceiling fan of any size cannot suit to any location as smaller fan cannot provide adequate cooling to larger room. Fans are usually available from 14 – 72 inches in size from which you can choose according to the area of your room and the height of its ceiling. One important thing to be considered at this stage is that the blades of the fan should be at least 7 feet away from the floor. If the height of the room is less than 7 feet then instead of using standard down rod for mounting it you can flush mount or slope mount it.

Light: Some of the stylish ceiling fans today are provided with lighting to give a unique look not only to the fan but to the entire environment of the room. If you want to install it in a space where enough natural light is not available and additional lighting fixtures are required then you can prefer for fans with lighting arrangements. Different types of lighting are used in these fans including fluorescent, LED or halogen from which you can choose according to your budget and required intensity of light.

Finish and style: You can easily improve the looks of your home by installing ceiling fans with right finish and style. Today fans are available in various styles with different types of complementary finishes to make the choice easier for you. such fans are available in antique, contemporary, tropical and rustic styles with different features from which you can choose according to your preferences.

Airflow and efficiency: The next thing to be considered while choosing the ceiling fan that matches your style is their efficiency and airflow capacity. Both of these factors depend upon the motor of the fan. The fans with DC motor are considered the best than with AC motor as they consume less energy and produce lesser noise and heat. Energy star is another feature that can help you in selecting the best fan for your home as they help in knowing their energy efficiency and durability. fans with high airflow are also considered the best as they provide more air circulation in the room by consuming lesser energy than others.

Control: Various types of controls are provided these days with ceiling fans to enhance their style and ease to operate. Some of them have pull chain control whereas others have wall control as well as remote control so that they can be controlled without accessing them manually.

Thus by considering the tips provided in this write-up you can easily choose a ceiling fan in Singapore that matches to your style.