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Friday, 16 September 2016

6 Useful Tips For Balcony Ceiling Fan Installation

A balcony ceiling fan is one of those things that are not only very beautiful but also rather practical and functional. Unlike the desk fans that are considerably dangerous especially if you have young ones and pets around the house, the ceiling fan is safe and completely out of the way. Also, they come in handy both during summer and winter making them useful all year round in Singapore. These are just some of the reasons as to why you should have a ceiling fan. Like any other part of your house, the balcony is a relaxing place and you should be able to sit there comfortably. This is why balcony-ceiling fans require a special consideration when you are looking into the concept of ceiling fans for your home. 

Below are six useful tips that will take you through the exercise of choosing and installing a proper balcony-ceiling fan. 

-Mind the fan’s size
-Seek the best in quality
-Check its rating depending on whether your balcony is open or not.
-Consider designs and the theme of your home
-Ceiling height and energy ratings are very useful information
-Consult with a professional

Six useful tips for balcony ceiling fan installation

1. Size
The first thing to look at when you are looking to install a balcony ceiling fan is the size of the balcony with respect to the fan that you would like to buy. If your balcony is relatively small, you may want to buy a fan that is also small and will not look overwhelming on the area. Look at your balcony and visualize the fan on the ceiling. If it looks bigger than the room than you probably should not buy it. Rather find something that will look like a perfect fit, which is neither too big nor too small. 

2. Quality
Like most of the items you would buy in your home, the ceiling fan should be able to last. This means that you have to look for a fan that is not only affordable but also of the highest quality possible. The balcony is usually an outdoor area, meaning that there is exposure to the environmental elements like sunshine and wind and most cheap products would deteriorate easily under such harsh conditions. Also, seeing as the ceiling fans are useful both during winter and during summer you may have to keep it on a lot. Having the best quality will ensure that it is durable and will serve your home for a considerably long time. Like in many other instances, cheap is expensive here since a cheap fan will only have you replacing or repairing it more often than a high quality one.  

3. Wet rated or Damp rated? 
When installing a balcony ceiling fan, you need to ask yourself whether you need a wet rated one or a damp rated one. The wet rated ceiling fans are especially practical for open balconies where they have exposure to rain, snow and wind. This means that they can survive the harsh weather conditions of the outdoors. If your balcony is not open however, you can settle for the damp-rated ceiling fans that are rather sensitive to the harsh elements. Depending on where you live and what your balcony looks like, you should be able to choose the appropriately rated fan for your balcony.  

4. Designs and theme
The balcony is a part of your home and as such must be part of the concerns that you consider in your home theme. This means that the balcony ceiling fans have to be a part of your home décor theme by either being of a similar or related color, material or historical era, or even design. If your home has a Victorian theme, it would be only natural for you to install a Victorian ceiling fan in your balcony and if the theme is mostly African you can also just as easily find a balcony ceiling fan that has an African theme. The main factor here is to avoid having a ceiling fan that looks out of place in your home. There must be some coordination with the rest of the décor unless you are aiming for an uncoordinated look as your theme.  

5. Height and energy consumption
The height of your house, and in this case your balcony, affects the kind of ceiling fan that you can install. This is because you would not want to install a ceiling fan that is too low and can thus be dangerous or too high to be effective. There are ceiling fans for both low and high ceilings and you have to pick one that matches the ceiling height in your balcony. On the idea of energy consumption, everyone today shares the concern of conserving energy and thus a fan with a lower energy consumption is considerably better seeing as you will save energy and cut down your power bills. Considering that these fans could be on all through summer and winter, it will be best if you buy one with an excellent star rating for affordable power consumption.  

6. Professionals
Decorating the home is like designing a relaxing place for yourself. It is often not only expensive but also time consuming and you could make a lot of mistakes if you do not know what to do. This is why among the six useful tips is the need to speak to a professional. You can decide on the type of fan you want for your balcony in terms of the theme, size, color and even energy rating. However, you will need an expert to guide you with things like the type of material that would be best for your home depending on the theme and the kind of lighting that would go well with the design that you want among other things. Buying and installing the balcony ceiling fan is rather simple if you have the guidance of a professional in home décor and especially with the ceiling fans. You will appreciate that like in any other field, these professionals are often willing to provide information in the future in case you have a problem with your ceiling fan.